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Reallusion Character Creator 3.0.0927.1 Pipeline €25 buy download

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Reallusion Character Creator 3.0.0927.1 Pipeline (x64) | 2.1 GB
3D Character Design for Animation, Game, AR, and VR. Character Creator 3 is a full character creation solution for designers to easily create, import and customize character assets. Connect industry leading pipelines into one system for 3D character generation, animation, rendering, and interactive design.

Animation-ready Character
Quad based characters with complete body rigs and facial morphs ready for lipsync and motion capture.

Morphs & Clothing
Design unlimited character shapes, apply and conform clothing with the multi-layered outfit system to any body shape.

Custom Asset Design
Expand the unique character morphs, outfits, hair, accessories, dynamic materials by importing models and characters from other libraries.

Real-time PBR Shader
Real-time display with Industry standard PBR (Physical Based Render) visuals fully compatible with major real-time engines.

Global Illumination (GI)
Real-time render using indirect lighting. Turn any mesh to an illumination source, or contribute to natural light bounce.

Pose & Expression
Access libraries of natural poses and expressions or freely edit custom poses and expressions using the Motion Layer and Face Key Editor.

Stage & Effects
Set the stage with true camera and HDRi lighting. Create cinematic compositing with images, 3D props, and mesh lights.

Photorealistic Iray Rendering
AI accelerated GPU rendering gives high interactivity and fast image output. Automatic PBR to Iray shader conversion and SSS skin realism.

Optimizaztion for Game
Integration with InstaLOD technology supports Polygon Reduction, Merge UV Maps, Texture Baking, and Remesher for LOD generation.

Pipeline & Export
Works with Maya and major 3D tools, export settings for optimal compatibility with Unity, Unreal, and Sketchfab.

New Features:

Character Base
• New topology is 100% quad mesh, ready for subdivisioning and mesh editing. Enhanced mesh and enhanced high-res texture detail for hands and feet.
• Conversion of old characters to new generation characters is supported.

Daz Studio Transformer - Importing Daz 3D Assets to CC
• Importing DAZ character morph, outfit, shoes, skin presets, hair and morphable assets into Character Creator.
*Compatible figures: Daz Genesis, Michael 4, Victoria 4, Hivewire Dawn & Dusk

[Streamline Pipeline to Other Tools]
• GoZ: Roundtrip sculpting and painting process with ZBrush.
[Cloth Creation]
• Auto-Skin Weighting for Clothes: Import OBJ mesh as Cloth Assets, and apply Skin Weight Transfer from cloth templates or custom imported skin mesh. >> Know more
• Skin Weight Editor: Refine the auto-skinned cloth with a spectrum of weight editing tools.
• Partial Conforming: Ability to define sub-mesh elements (or selected vertices) as hard mesh items, such like buckles, ammo pouches, or armor plates.
• Advanced Mesh Editor: Ability to edit mesh in vertex, face, element mode, and use new brush sculpturing tools to push, pull and smooth mesh.
• Edit Normals: Adjust object normals for hard and soft edge surface.
• Polygon Reduction (Powered by InstaLOD): Reduce the polygon count on clothes & accessory while retaining its original shape and UV data. >> Know more
[Morph Creation]
• Enhanced Morph Slider Creation Procedure for Characters with Different Proportions
• Automatically adjust bone to fit morph when creating morph sliders Character auto-skinning that works regardless of differences in proportions.
• Utilize Edit Bone tool to fix it manually.

Game Character Pipeline
• Game Character Base can be derived from any Standard CC Character, features
• Retain visual quality after mesh simplification.
• Compatible with CC Morphs, Skin Presets, and Outfit System.
• Simplified bone structure for facial and body Animation.
• Merge materials for game performance.
• Built-in Mesh Optimization Technology Powered by InstaLOD
• Remesher: Reduce the whole character and all wearable content into one-mesh character, and generate character models in multiple LOD.
• Merge Materials: Group and merge selected materials to target UV maps to ensure minimal draw call with no noticeable loss in visual quality.

Environment & Character Settings
• New Content Manager with Stage setup related new formats: iProp, iAtmosphere, iEffect, ccLightRoom, ccCam.
• Global Illumination (GI)
• Pose editing and saving
• Face expression editing and saving

Image Render
• Real-time smooth - Open Subdiv can subdivide and smooth a quad-based mesh.
• Image output with render options.
• Compatible with Iray Render Plug-in for photorealistic rendering.

• File Format Update
• All the data such as character morph, skin, clothes, prop, atmosphere, lighting will be saved in project file (.ccProject)
• All the data of character will be saved in avatar file (.ccAvatar)
Operating System:
- Windows 10, 8 and 7 (SP1)*
- Support for 64-bit operating system

Recommended Requirements:
- Intel i5 Dual core or higher
- 16 RAM or higher
- SSD, 10GB free hard disk space or higher
- Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900 Series
- AMD Radeon R7 300 series
- Video Memory: 4GB RAM or higher

Homepage - https://www.reallusion.com

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Download File Size:2.15 GB

Reallusion Character Creator 3.0.0927.1 Pipeline
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