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For nearly 30 years, you’ve counted on us for dependable sketching solutions and our latest version of Apex Sketch is no exception. We’ve combined our powerful desktop and agile mobile solutions to deliver everything you need in a floor plan sketcher. Our new modern drawing engine offers new, powerful, time-saving features and functionality without the huge learning curve. Whether you’re drawing with a keyboard and mouse, digital pen, finger or a DISTO laser meter – Apex Sketch v6 is your answer.

Input Methods:

Keyboard and Mouse – Existing users will be happy to learn that all of the familiar drawing commands they’ve become accustom to are still supported in Av6! New users will love the intuitive approach to drawing lines, angles and curves to create their sketches. Input your measurements in Engineering (decimal feet) or Architectural (feet & inches), to complete your floor plans in a matter of minutes.

Active Pen – Apex Sketch v6 allows you to draw directly on the screen of your Tablet PC, just as you would with pencil and paper. In fact, many of our users claim that it’s better than paper due to the simple “flick and edit” approach to creating lines. No more counting grid squares or pre-planning about where to begin. Quickly “ink” each wall/measurement you encounter in the field and let Apex Sketch handle the rest.

Touch – If your tablet doesn’t support pen or you simply prefer the touch capabilities of your mobile device, Apex Sketch offers a special Touch Panel that allows you to tap in distance and direction in a snap. If you’re familiar with any of our MobileSketch products for iOS or Android, you’ll find the touch process for drawing sketches to be very familiar.

DISTO™ Laser Meter – If you want the ultimate field sketching solution, than you will want to combine any of the above drawing input methods with the power of a Bluetooth DISTO laser meter! Once you’ve paired your tablet with your DISTO, you can wirelessly transfer your measurements directly into Apex Sketch and (depending on your DISTO model) update existing lines or specify the direction you wish to draw your lines directly from your DISTO device. No other sketcher (including previous versions) does it better or faster!

OS : Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8
Language : English


Download File Size:8.32 MB

Apex Sketch Pro
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