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Altair SimSolid 2019.5.0 | 458.3 mb
The Atair product team is pleased to announce the availability ofSimSolid 2019.5.0. This release include new structural adhesives,new dynamics results and new HTML based help.

Altair SimSolid 2019.5.0 - Date: 23-JAN-2019 Highlights of this release include new structural adhesives,new dynamics results and new HTML based help. Continuing the work done in release 2019.4, connections, contact conditions and solution settings workflows have been further improved. Performance improvements have been made in fillet weld creation, graphicsand CAD file reading. In addition, many minor usability improvements havebeen made. See the feature descriptions below for more details.

New Features

- Adhesives – Structural adhesives can now be modeled.This provides stiffness to the connectionbased on a selected material property. Two forms are possible. First, any standard connection can have adhesive applied. Right mouse button select aconnection in the Project tree, pick the Apply adhesivemenu item and when prompted pick a material property. This will apply structural adhesive to the entire connection. Second, use the newCreate adhesive function found in the connection toolbar.This willcreate adhesive connections from existing tubular parts.Selected parts must conform to a tubular cylindrical shape. SimSolid will extract the centerline of the part then create anadhesive region of a specified widthin the gap between the parts that the tube overlaps. Note, both forms assume that there is a finite gap between the parts to be connected. This gap will be used to calculate the adhesive thickness. When the gap is too small, parts faces coincide or overlap the user will be warned and a minimum thickness will be used.
- Dynamics results–Velocities and acceleration, both magnitudes and components, are now available for transient dynamics(time domain only).
- Disconnected group of parts–This command has been extended to allow connection search on the boundaries of a selected set of disconnected groups of parts directly within the dialog. To use, select two or more groups and pick the Connect button.
- HTML Help – New browser-based help is now available and replaces the previous right panel help dialog.This standardizes SimSolid with the help found in other Altair products and provides new features such as better graphics, enhanced table of contents and help search
- Show/hidespots – A new display function now available to toggle spot symbol graphics On and Off.
- Altair ALM utility – The Altair security directory along with the ALM Utility are now included in the SimSolid installerand may be invoked from the windows menu.

Enhancements/Performance improvements

- Solution settings – Are nowspecifiedindependentlyfor each analysis.This provides a more convenient method to do analysis comparison and solution convergence studies.In addition, there is an option to copy individual analysis solution settings to all studies.
- Connections & contact conditions – There are now separate review/editing dialogs for connections and contact conditions. Right mouse button (RMB) select a part and pick the desired menu itemto view.
- Connections & contact conditions – Default contact conditions have been removed from the analysis branch in the project tree. Only custom contact conditions unique to a given analysis will now be listed. This greatly simplified the Project tree containing multiple design studies and analyses. Custom contact conditions are defined from the Review part contact condition menu item.
- Connections & contact conditions – A new option, Connections between parts in listonly,is now available on the Review part connectionsor Review contact conditionsdialogs. This limits connections/contact conditionto only areas shared by partslisted in theParts group.This makes it easier to focus on only the boundaries between a few parts.
- Pick info – Pick info is now available directly on the model – no prior result contour is required.Results quantities are selected from the dialog and labels are updated on the model.
- Pick info – A new option is provided to output values in localcartesian or cylindricalcoordinate system directions.Export to CSV files now includes information for selected coordinate systems.
- Bearing load direction – Bearing loads can now be set in specified XYZ component directions. This provides more fine-grained control of direction. Note that the load direction vector must have a non-zero component perpendicular to the cylindrical bearing load axis.
- CAD pan/zoom/rotate mouse button mapping – New mouse button mappings are available for CATIA V5, UGNX, and CREO.Select Settings>Mouse settingsmenu to change view modelfor current session. Select Set as defaulttochange for all sessions.
- Dynamics results – Peak responses are now calculated for all result quantities. As an added option, Pick Infocan be used to create graphswithout first displayingacontourplot of a quantity. This greatly accelerates response graph evaluation for large assemblies.
- Dynamics results – Output of Von Mises RMS stress for selected frequency upper limit.Upper limit set by slider on animation response dialog.
- Stress concentrations – Stress concentrations of very small torus shaped surfaces is now greatly improved. This is most common in cylindrical notches or other axisymmetrical parts.This works with all adaption levels including the base level Adapt for stiffness.
- Graphics performance – The display of Connections andBoundary conditionsymbols has been improved. This will be most noticeable on large models with many entities.
- Seam Weld performance – The search performance when creating seam welds has been improved.
- Local connections at bolts – A new option is provided to localize connectionson plates withbolts. Thislimitsthe bonded connectionareabetween the plates and,in turn, reduces the overall joint stiffness.
- Reaction forces – Multiple selection of parts in reaction dialog is now supported.
- Elastic modulus handling for nonlinear materials – When a material has a stress-strain curve defined in the material database, we now disable the elasticity modulus field for editing. The elasticity modulus value is derived from the stress-strain curve itself. For old projects where the user has a curve but also has edited the elasticity modulus to something else, the value is automatically re-evaluated when they click OK in the strain-stress curve dialog. Whenever we use the elasticity modulus in the solver, if there is a stress-strain curve, we will use the value derived from the curve.
- Supported CAD import formats – The list of supported CAD formats has been updated. New is support for SOLIDWORKS 2019, CATIA R29, Creo 6 and NX CR.
- Add new part connections – When additional parts are added to a Design study, a new option will now be presented to add connections only between these parts and exiting adjacent ones. Existing connections will not be modified.

Resolved Issues

- Improved–Solution settings for linked thermal-structural analysis are now completely independent from previous thermal analysis.
- Improved–SimSolid no longer allows separating-closing contact for connections with penetrations or without gap. This will be changed to separating contact during editing.
- Improved–Connection evaluation searchhas been improved for smallfaces.
- Fixed–Several issuesrelating to seam welds.
- Fixed–Issue relating to incorrect Z-clipping of graphics displays at certain zoom levels.
- Fixed–Entity graphics selection is now independent of zoom level.
- Fixed–Issue relating to nonlinear analysis with separating contact.
- Fixed–issue where Foundation factor/Support stiffness did not show correct values when the spring support dialogue is launched in edit mode.
- Fixed–Issue relating to nonlinear analysis postprocessing. SimSolid now shows correct contact condition when reviewing responsewith separating contact.
- Fixed–Multiple issues relating to solver crashes.
SimSolid is a game-changing simulation technology for designers and design engineers. Its just the perfect tool to kick-start any design process.

This software completely eliminates the need for any geometry simplifications and meshing enabling you to get most out of your structural analysis in the least possible time. With SimSolid, model preparation is done within minutes. Even complex parts and large assemblies can be analysed with ease. SimSolid is tolerant of imprecise geometry and is just the right thing to accelerate your design process.

In addition, this structural analysis solution is fast, really very fast. Highly accurate simulation results are obtained within minutes! Multiple design scenarios can be quickly analyzed and compared. And, accuracy can be specified on an individual part level allowing a rapid drill down to any level of detail that is required.

This intro to Altair SimSolid video discusses some of the key benefits of SimSolid. It also contains a detailed demo and product workflow. After viewing this video, you should be able to run your first simulation within the tool.

Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles. Our broad portfolio of simulation technology and patented units-based software licensing model enable Simulation-Driven Innovation for our customers. With more than 2,000 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates 71 offices throughout 24 countries. Altair serves more than 5,000 customers across broad industry segments.

Product: Altair SimSolid
Version: 2019.5.0 Build 68
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.altair.com
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 458.3 mb

* System Requirements: Recommended configuration

- Intel I7 based computer; 4-cores (8-threads);
- 16 GB of memory;
- OpenGL compatible graphics card
- Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit only)
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Download File Size:447.31 MB

Altair SimSolid 2019.5.0
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